SurpriseWOW hybrid apps and website are a unique platform that enables users to surprise their family, friends, and customers with personalized digital gift cards, announcements and ads sent by email or text in an animated gift box which will not open till the countdown timer runs out.

SurpriseWOW builds monumental anticipation, as recipients watch in anticipation while the timer counts down to the big reveal, which will keep you on the minds of friends, and customers you email or text. Experience a fun and easy way to create ads, gift cards, and announcements with a professional look in minutes, as well as tracking, email views, link clicks, and resend.

SurpriseWOW will change the way you connect, inform, and notify people when you send gift card, gifts, photos, videos, announcements and advertisements in your personal or business life. We keep you up to date on all your events in a timely fashion before they occur and after they happen.

SurpriseWOW is for remembering and sharing all of life's moments, past, present, and future, personal or business. Stand out, be different, use your imagination, make people remember, you and your business!

SurpriseWOW App and Website only has one limitation, your imagination.



Green          =  Reveal

Red Timer   =  Countdown to an event 

Blue Timer  =  Count up from an event

Gift Cards / Gifts:

Send gifts, gift cards, photos, videos, animations, and messages, which family and friends cannot open until the timer you set runs out on the reveal date and time. This will build wild anticipation and keep you on their mind. Pick your back ground theme, add text, font, size, color, set timer and send.

Ad Builder / Announcements:

Build professional ads or announcements with photos, videos, links, and animations in minutes with a countdown timer to the big reveal to help the recipient remember the date and you or your business. Pick your background theme, add text, font, size, color, set timer and send.

Email, Text and App-to-App:

Sending and receiving through email, text and App to App with reminders and alerts.

Set Countdown Timer:

Set a countdown timer in a text, email or from SurpriseWOW App to App that will open when the remaining time runs out for the recipient to view whatever you have placed inside the gift box or show an advertisement or announcement with a countdown timer. Set a 5-minute reminder email to go out to the recipient before the countdown timer ends so the recipient, nor you, does not miss the BIG MOMENT.

Milestone Features:

Never forget one of life’s precious moments again! Countdown to an event or count forward from an event with reoccurring alert reminders and create photo albums for each event.

Calendar Features:

The Calendar feature can keep you from ever missing another occasion again with an alert reminder, save dates and reoccurring events.

Tracking Features:

Track your email views, link clicks, and resend. Then, use this information to tweak your content and triggers for optimal results.

General usage for individuals and companies: 

Stay connected anywhere anytime from all your devices, smartphone, iPad, tablet, laptop, desktop, Mac, or PC.